EVERYTHING you need to know about CROCHET BRAIDS!

Happy Saturday Morning, my Beautiful Natural Divas!! I’ve received a LOT of great feedback about my recent protective hairstyle- Crochet Braids- and thank you all SO much for the compliments! I’ve also received a lot of questions about the style, products used, and maintainence- so I’m going to post the response that provided in the Natural Hair Facebook group I’m a member of (side note: I highly recommend this group for natural ladies- 100,000 members strong- and an excellent resource and support system!).


I am NO professional, and only 6 months natural (as of this post- 12/2012) and I was able to do this. Okay for the questions:

“Where did you get this style done?

I did this myself, a salon in Baltimore, MD quoted me $100 to do it. I said I’ll try YouTube University! Lol! There are a TON of tutorials there.

“I want to do it myself, but I don’t know how to cornrow?”

If you don’t know how to cornrow, they can be don’t on two strand flat twists also- BUT they don’t last as long, you can still get 2-3 weeks out of the style- which is plenty. I also recommend if you can’t cornrow- go to a barber shop, get the $20-$25 straight back cornrow braid up, then come home and do it yourself- even with paying for this, you’re spending less than $40 for the whole style!!


“How did you create a ‘side part’ look- doesn’t the hair show the braids?”


For the part area, all I do is when I’m finished, with my whole head, I take a piece of hair and loop it through not one braid, buy under two braids where I want them to come together. I pull them together some and knot the hair. This doesn’t have to be tight- just enough to allow the curls to fill in the space some. I also do this twice in between my two middle braids in the back of my head, so it doesn’t look ‘gappy and spaced out.’ Very very easy.

“What hair and supplies did you need? Where did you get them?”

The latch hook is from WalMart- in the crafts section- $2.99. The hair I typically use is Model Model Glance Bulk hair in Water Wave. The color is #2 and the length was 24”. It cost me $3.99 a pack- but online it seems to be about $4.99 a pack. I only use 2 packs (one for each half- 10 braids total- 5 on each side, straight back). In these photos, the hair used is Equal Freetress Bohemian Curl in color 1B. For first timers, I HIGHLY recommend going with the hair below.



“Did you cut the hair at all before using it? What about after it’s in your hair?”

I cut the pack in half before using, and when finished I cut my hair to fit my face- this just means trimming it all around holding the scissors almost straight up and down when you cut- this keeps you from getting a blunt straight across fake look. The hair is curly thick enough that it looks natural, and covers the parts easily- but not like a wig, ya know?

“How do you maintain your Crochet Braids?”

To maintain my look I use my tea tree oil leave in mixture every other day on scalp only, and avoid wetting my weave hair. I don’t manipulate the hair at all before bed (no twists or braids)- put on a satin cap and go to sleep! On days when I’m just in the house or its extra hot out and I don’t want my hair rubbing up on me, I use those mesh type caps from the BSS (2 FOR $1) and cover half my hair, leaving bangs out and go. In the morning I shake my head, fluff, and go! If it looks a little too frizzy (some frizz is good- more natural), I lightly clip it off, and keep going! The hair is decent quality, so matting hasn’t been a problem.

“What do you like most about this style?”

This style is great in summer cause it BREATHES- I feel the wind on my scalp and can workout with no issues. I don’t keep it long enough to ponytail, so I clip hairs back, and go.


I have video and “how to cut and shape your style” on the NapturalNicole YouTube Page here:


Good luck ladies, you’ll look beautiful! Hope this answered the questions that were floating out there!

Have a fantastic weekend, Gorgeous Naturalistas!! -N.