Curly Press: NapturalNicole interview posted on!

Oh my goodness. You know I have been WAITING to tell all of you my good news- cause only a curlista would appreciate this (though the hubbin was pretty psyched too-lol):

I was interviewed by the CurlyNikki– Nikki Walton of, about my natural hair journey, experiences, and regimen!!!

I just about died. I know, I know- its just hairbut It’s so awesome to get featured by the #1 curly hair blogger in the world! Not only is she beautiful, smart, curly coiffed, and an awesome mommy- but she’s a savvy business woman who turned a hobby into a means to support her family, and help millions of women find the beauty in styling naturally. I respect this so much.

Anyways enough with the words- head over to check out my RIDICULOUSLY long interview (you know I give WAYYYY too much detail on everything) and let me know how you like it!

CurlyNikki interviews NapturalNicole

Thank you all for the support and I’ll keep on writing (Instagram/tweeting) as long as you’re there reading it!

Have a fantastic weekend ladies!

(Zola the Fro’la is going to go celebrate with some HENNA!)

– Nicole


2 responses to “Curly Press: NapturalNicole interview posted on!

  1. I read your interview and it was fabulous…I was wondering if you had any advice for me. I am currently transitioning and I’ve cut of atleast 6 inches of my hair. I have about another 2-3 inches from the sides and top and I am wondering if I am taking care of my hair that right way. I watch a lot of blogs and tutorials and I am a finatic. My current regimen is
    1. Sulfate free shampoo or cleanser and deap conditionor 1x week
    2. Co wash 2 times a week
    3. I do a wash and go every day pretty much using coconut oil, Shea Moisture or Palmers curl enhancer product (can not remember the exact name)
    4. I’ve done flat twist and let out twice using shea butter and some type of oil and thats come out pretty good but I still have a lot of straight ends

    My hair seems to very moisurized and seems healthy but I am just concerned about my straight ends.

    How often should I trim my ends?
    Is there anything else I should be doing?



    • Thank you soooo much for checking out the CurlyNikki interview- and for stopping by! So happy to have you on #teamnatural! (*shuffle step, wiggle dance!*). Figuring out a regimen is the hardest part, and it sounds like you’re well on your way! The regimen looks great- You’re washing with the right products, cowashing often, and not using heat on your hair- which can be hard for transitioning Curlies (good job!). And while your hair feels moisturized now- you may want to start incorporating a leave in conditioner in your regimen- after the wash and before the shea moisture/palmers cream. When you have all curly hair- and no more straight ends, they will need the extra moisture to stay springy and soft.

      Now about those ends. It sounds like you are doing a great job- and you’ve even found some styles you like! But that’s also the downside to transitioning (though I recommend it over the big chop anyway- it’s a great time to learn!)- you have to keep doing what you’re doing until you are ready to cut those ends away. As long as you have straight ends- it doesn’t matter how often you trim, because the hair is damaged- its all gotta come off eventually, right? So keep going- you’re on the right path- and when you’re finally ready to cut off the last of the straight hair- send me a pic- I want to celebrate your curly goodness! 😉 thanks for stopping by, come back soon- and keep me posted!


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