How I lost 60lbs in 10 months with Weekday Vegetarian Living (Recipes & FAQ’s)

(This still isn’t a foodie blog- but you’ve all expressed so much interest- so I want to make sure you have the info you need)


You have all been SO supportive of my healthy changes and I thank you!!! As of 8/1/2014- I have lost 60lbs without stepping foot in a gym, and kept off the weight loss for a year and half! YES! No magic pills, no trick, no cash, nada! I just made some shifts to my eating habits to embrace eating more vegetables as part of my daily diet. That’s it.


I currently eat a dairy/grain/vegetable diet on weekdays (Monday-Friday), and the same diet- but with meat included (no restrictions) on weekends only! It’s called Weekday Vegetarian. And my results have been stellar (and not just me, The Hubbin lost almost 30lbs too- just eating vegetarian for Breakfast and Dinner!)


Some of you have expressed wanting to give Weekday Veg a try and I am SO excited about it! However, many of you couldn’t imagine giving up meat for 5 days- “What would I eat? Salads everyday?!”

Well, here are 6 examples of dishes that not only have NO MEAT but were delicious enough to fool meat eaters, AND KIDS! (can’t use the “family wouldn’t go for it excuse either! Haha!). I’ve also listed some responses to frequently asked questions I’ve received about the food I eat.

Pictured clockwise: 1. Veggie Fried Quinoa/Rice, 2. Tacos, 3. Flatbread ‘Sausage’ Pizza, 4. Dairy Free Broccoli Mac and Cheese, 5. Shepherds Pie 6. Spicy ‘Beef’ & Mixed Veggies.

Each meal takes about 30 mins or less to prep (not including oven time) For more details check out my ‘unofficial’ recipe, foods, and healthy journey blog:

Napturally Thin, a site

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you have meal plans, where do you come up with ideas?

I make them up or I google a favorite meat dish, but put the word ‘vegetarian’ in front of it. I find a vegetarian or meat recipe that’s easy and change it to suit my tastes. Sometimes I just take a dish I always make, and remove the meat. And there’s always just chopping up any veggie, adding salt, pepper, and olive oil an stir frying it. Throw it over veggies or brown rice- and you have dinner. I grew up in an African household where we ate elaborate African dishes for EVERY meal. So this style of cooking is 100% new to me. If I can do it- you can too.

Are you Vegan (no milk, animal anything)?

I am NOT vegan (not that I’m anti). I eat milk, carbs, cheese, yogurt, honey, an other animal byproducts during the week- in moderation. I also eat meat on the weekends.

Are you worried about eating too many Soy Products?

A little. Thats why most of the dishes above are made using ‘seitan’ which is a wheat based grain meat replacement or textured vegetable protein (Quorn style products). I buy them prepackaged from whole foods or my local grocery store. Also, this is easier than real cooking! No thawing, no worries of ‘food poisoning or ecoli,’ and everything is just chop, slice, layer and cook/sauté/stir-fry. SOOOO EASY!


Do you eat carbs (bread, grains, rice)?

Every single meal- in moderation.

Do you eat gluten?

Yup. I don’t even worry about if something is gluten free or not.

Do you count calories?

I did in the beginning (like two weeks)- mostly because I was worried that I wasn’t eating ENOUGH calories! I could eat a whole mixing bowl of lettuce and veggies, feel totally stuffed, and it would only be like 100 calories! Lol I ja to get smarter about balancing out my foods to make sure I was getting the right nutrients and vitamins with my calories. Since the first day I never eat more than 1700 calories a day (unless I was particularly active, or it’s a holiday or special occasion) and never less than 1200 calories a day. Each portion of each meal I eat is between 400-500 calories. I don’t count my snacks (they are always fresh veggies or fruit). Ultimately the weekday veg lifestyle is nothing more than eating healthy food, in the right portions, and trying not to be too lazy- basically what your doctor always said- diet and exercise. Putting some structure around it, and eliminating excess meat intake just accelerates the results and has additional health benefits for me.


Do you exercise or go to a gym?

No. I do try not to be lazy and get out in weekends and walk around (even if its just the mall! Ha!) I also know that I need to exercise- so I can get my booty nice and high, and carve myself some Michelle Obama arms! Hahaha! But before I am ready for that, I gotta take this fat suit off! Haha!

Do you follow a meal plan?


Are there foods you do not eat?

I almost never eat fast food (McDonald’s kids size fries once a month maybe?), I rarely (twice a month) drink soda- including diet, and almost never drink juices. It’s water ALLL the time. My fro thanks me for it! 😉 I also don’t really eat candy, ice cream, pastries, or processed/insta food (Kraft Mac, microwave dinners, pastas in cans etc).


Are you worried about not enough protein?

No. I eat more complex, healthy, easily digestable protein that most meat eaters. Vegetables have moderate amounts of protein. Vital Wheat, Quorn, and Soy Meat replacement products are all pure healthy protein. And of course, I eat meat on the weekend and studies have shown that our bodies have trouble processing more than 4oz of meat, eaten only 5 times a month. So with weekday veg, Im right on track!


What’s your weight, how much have you lost? What’s your goal? When are you going back to eating meat everyday again?

I haven’t (and won’t) share my specific weight number at this point- a girl’s gotta keep some stuff to herself! But I have posted a TON of pics from when I started living weekday veg (March 2013) to now. All together, as of today (July 2 2013) I have lost 49lbs. I am not sharing my goal weight specifically- but let’s just say, I still have some work to do. As for ‘returning’ to regular meat eating- that will never happen. This is a LIFESTYLE (permanent) change- not a temporary diet. I chose this life so I can be healthy forever and raise healthy children- not to look good for summer. While some may start to get quick results- ultimately you’ll gain it all back and then some when you return to bad habits. I equate my new lifestyle with going natural. I never plan on putting a relaxer in my hair- it’s not even an option for my life. It’s damaging and toxic for my body. I feel the same way about eating saturated fats, frequent fast food, and excess quantities of low quality meat. I especially don’t plan on feeding my children this way- it’s as important as providing education and shelter. Returning to the ‘ignoring the fat facts’ lifestyle is not an option anymore.


If there are any other questions that I’ve missed- leave them below, and I’ll try to answer them ASAP!

Hope this helps, curlies!!!


Do you have a favorite veggie recipe to share? Put it below!


30 responses to “How I lost 60lbs in 10 months with Weekday Vegetarian Living (Recipes & FAQ’s)

  1. Go Girlie!!!! I am so proud of you… I have started mine 5 day veg last week.
    SInce I work so close to whole foods, and live in NYC where getting good fresh food is healthy, it’s not that bad of a change. Thanks God I can cook. I am excited about the lifestyle change.


  2. Well Hello Foxy Brown!! – It’s been a WHILE since I last commented but let me say you look DAMN good. I have jumped on the band wagon and brought two with me. It’s been a slow process, with my hectic schedule but so far, lost 12lbs in a month.

    NOW to the receipt – because I do apartment living and refuse to use a community grill, I do a lot of oven roasting; and the absolute best tasting is the veggies. I take red and russet potatoes, zucchini, squash, eggplant (optional), Brussels sprouts, Roma tomatoes, yellow/Vidalia (sweet) onions, scallions, p’bella mushrooms (options- luv’ them) and thawed frozen mini cob corn. The quantities are limitless and the more of potatoes and onions, the better (haven’t tried using sweet potato-hmmm). This will yield enough for a week for one or 2-3 days for more than one. Unless you just can stop eating it!

    Anyway, making sure thawed, start with slicing in half cob corn and boiling in sauce pot with Morton’s Nature Seasoning (MNS) and XV olive oil for 15 min, and remove from heat (not pot). Preheat oven to 400; cut wedge (med. size) – potatoes, zucchini, squash, eggplant and ¾ onion quantity; slice (med. size) – p’bella mushrooms, Roma tomatoes, scallions and ¼ remaining onion quantity – setting aside for sautéing – adding the cob corn.

    Place the cut wedge items in large, seasoning with olive oil first, then MNS, garlic powder and Italian seasoning (green flakes); line and overlay roasting pan with foil and spray with non-stick. Do NOT put in an unlined pan, even if it is a non-stick. Put in lined roaster and seal the over-layered foil, creating a giant pocket/dome. If you didn’t line it enough, then just place another piece creating the dome. This will speed up the process. Let if roast at 400 for 25 min; remove, open the dome (be careful extremely hot/steamy) and add the sliced sautéed items on top and mix (if you can). Recover pan creating tight seal and roast at reduce heat of 350 for additional 20 min. And you’re done!!

    Now you can do the same thing when you eat meat by adding my favorite, Beef Short Rib Skin. I find at Super H Mart here in Atlanta, but you should be able to find it at a fresh meat counter or store that sells fresh meat. Hopefully I get a chance to see you when you come next week.



    • This is BEYOND awesome! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING! Not just with me- but with all the readers! If you don’t mind- I’m going to repost this awesome recipe (with full tasty credit to you!) on my unofficial food blog- so I can keep track of it with my other favorite dishes! Thanks for the compliment- and CONGRATS on the 12 lbs! That is FANTASTIC! Keep up the good work- cause I’m coming to check on you soon! (The Mini Meetup Tour is in Atlanta on Thurs, July 11th from 7-9pm- Details to come…) Thanks for always checking out the blog- and I’ll email you ATL deets soon- hope you can come out!


  3. Thank you so much for the info. Can you answer one more question, can you do a blog post on typical breakfast, lunch & dinner in a given day? Thanks so much!


    • You are SO welcome! And I sure can! I’ll post something here with my next update! In the meantime- check out my instagram for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner recipes and pictures (if you have any questions- I can answer them there too!) Username: NapturalNicole


    • Nope! I am hardly a chef! I grew up eating nothing but African food, everyday- so each dish you see is the first time I’ve ever made it! If I can do it, you can too! The best part about veggies- is that you don’t get sick if you undercook them- hahahahaha! There is a lot of room to make mistakes and still have a yummy meal in all the recipes I’ve posted, just have fun with it! And if all else fails- there’s always PB&J sandwiches! Haha! Thanks for visiting and good luck!


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    • Thank you so much! Lots of ladies have shared that they are ‘thinking about it’- all I know is that if what you’re doing now isn’t working- trying this for two weeks won’t hurt! Good luck and thanks for stopping by! 😉


    • Nope! I was so heavy when I started that it was just more of a challenge than I was ready for. And I figured, I have to eat 3 times a day- nothing will change that. If I don’t learn how to eat properly- I can work out all that I want too- but the minute I twist an ankle, or catch a cold- Im going to get fat again! So I focused on learning better eating habits first. BUT!!! It’s important for heart health to get that cardio in there. Now that I’ve shed 50lbs, Im going to start integrating some activity so I can be super healthy (and get my bod nice and tight! Lol) Thanks for visiting the site, and good luck!


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  6. Pasta w/sun dried tomatoes, eggplants and pine nuts.

    Cut eggplant and let drain. Toss the eggplant cubes olive oil and bake. Cook pasta per directions. Brown pine nuts on stove (careful to use low heat and do not leave unattended because they burn easily). Cut sun dried tomatoes into bite size pieces. Toss pasta, eggplant, pine nuts and sun dried tomatoes. Add salt and pepper to taste. Enjoy!


  7. You inspired me to try this plan out. My close friend/business partner took meat out her diet 2yrs ago & has been trying to get me o it too. I am a 5’9, 301 pound woman with high bp & health risk that run on both sides of my family. I have lost 24 lbs since march of this year. This can i new lifestyle changw for as well. There’s nothing wrong with trying.


    • Way to go!!! There isn’t anything wrong with trying!! All you know is that the current method isn’t working- so what’s the risk of trying something new! I was creeping up towards 300, when I got my act together! Something about knowing that number would continue to grow unless I changed something, was really scary! You’re gonna feel great when you hit that goal! Good luck and keep me posted!!!


  8. Congrats on your plant-strong success! I went vegetarian last October and have been havin a wonderful adventure. I’ve found portobellos and eggplants to be great meat alternatives in a lot of recipes. Also using a lot more beans, nuts and seeds in my cooking than before. I’ve learned a lot of good ideas from vegan blogs even thogh I don’t plan on ever giving up cheese or greek yogurt! Haha. Feeling better than ever and it seems you are too. Congrats again


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