NapNic Guide to Skincare: Basics 101

Photoshoots, selfies, and events OH MY! For my Curlies who’ve been tracking my whereabouts via Facebook and Instagram, you know I’ve been from DC to NYC and back- taking pics, and scoring freebies for giveaways (I always look out for you- lol!)

And with each event or photoshoot I am putting on a FULL FACE of makeup! Yikes! That means I have to keep my skin clear, moisturized, and prepped so all pics turn out their very best!

We’ve all heard the celebs talking about the SUPER expensive moisturizers and facials they use to get their best face- but look- we’re real Curlies, and I have Target, Walgreens, and $10- that’s it. Haha! So I keep it simple! To make my face look like this:

I use these EVERYDAY, normal Curlie priced products available at a store near you-

Products (clockwise):
1. Clearasil Daily Face Wash- $3.99
2. Burt’s Bees Eye Cream- $11.99
3. St.Ives Apricot Scrub- $3.99
4. Neutrogena Visibly Even Moisturizer- $7.99

That’s it. No sponsors, no ads, no big ticket items, or specialty systems! This has been my regimen and go to Skincare for over 10 years! Yup!

I use each product every evening- and before every application of makeup (I only exfoliate every OTHER day). These products- and my Mama’s African genes- have been my holy grail to clear healthy, moisturized skin. Of course, listen to your skin- if it’s too drying, or too harsh- switch it up!

Oh! And definitely always remove your makeup right before bed, so you can just ‘wake up flawless’- with a clean face! I like makeup remover wipes by my bed- cause I’m SUPERRR lazy after events! Hahaha! Here’s how I do it:

And for a special occasion, spoil yourself treatment- head right to your natural hair bin!

A Bentonite Clay Face masque will do wonders for purging your pores- if you’re trying to ‘head to fancy town!’- no need for gold and imported bat dropping facials here! Hahaha!

This is what works for me- Share some of your favorite budget friendly, EveryCurlie, Skincare staples below!

Later loves,



5 responses to “NapNic Guide to Skincare: Basics 101

  1. The Burt’s Bee’s Orange Essence Facial Cleanser is my go to. I also love Clean & Clear’s Acne spot treatment for those stubborn zits that pop up out of absolutely no where!! Great blog post!


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