NapNic ‘Crisco for Curls!’ Feature on!

Okay so y’all thought I was crazy for preaching the Church of Crisco…

And little by little several Curlies dipped into that royal blue can, and discovered the magic of my Crisco Creme sealant for Natural Hair:
And guess what MAJOR website just gave NapNic a hugeeee shoutout because they are CRISCO CONVERTS?!

None other than THE crew! The latest on my list of Crisco Converts! WELCOME Y’ALL! Happy to have you- and your new sleek, defined, shiny curls! Hahaha!

Check out the full article & NapNic lovin- NapNic’s Crisco Creme Feature Article on CurlyNikki

And then take a look at the reason, recipe- and why you should join us in our Crisco Love:
EVERYTHING you need to know about CRISCO for natural hair + Recipe!

Enjoy Curlies!
(& thanks to the CN crew for the love!)



6 responses to “NapNic ‘Crisco for Curls!’ Feature on!

  1. Just made my first batch and twisted my hair… I’m loving it already!!! Think I may have used too much, but I’ll be able to tell once it dries! Thank you for the tip!!!


  2. I read this article! So awesome! There are still some skeptics out there too! I hope they decide to find out for themselves one day ( even if the keep it their little secret! Lol!)


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