Beauty Box Subscriptions & My #1 pick for 2014!

Curlies! Have you heard of ‘Beauty Box Subscriptions?’ No? You def wanna know ALL about them-
“Beauty Box Subscription”
A monthly package delivery of hair or beauty products to the consumer directly.

it works: You (the subscriber), pay a monthly subscription fee (anywhere from $15-$50!) to get first dibs on a box of products shipped right to you, each month. That’s it!

These companies have shown up EVERYWHERE in 2014- Now there are so many, it’s tough to know where to spend your coin, and feed your inner PJ (product junkie)- but NapNic’s got you covered!

I’ve checked out most brown/curly beauty box brands on the shelf- and rounded it down to my pick for Best value/product Beauty Box subscription for 2014.

NapNic’s Box Breakdown Rules:

– Size of products
– Number of Products
– Creativity of Box
– Packaging
– Product Brand Quality

And the pick for 2014 is:

The COCOTIQUE Beauty Box.

Before we get into the goods- let’s be fair- COCOTIQUE isn’t exactly doing something entirely new on the scene- and they aren’t the first or the biggest- but they’ve entered the game in a fresh way, combining large label beauty brands, innovative offerings, and all at a price that’s so right- and you KNOW that got my attention:

Beauty Box Breakdown:

1: Size of products-
YASSSSS COCOTIQUE- THANK YOU for finally understanding that DELUXE sample, means I need to actually have enough product to try on my WHOLE head! Lol! The June Box was loaded with fat oversized sample packets, mini bottles, and full sized products- I actually had to check the label to see if I could travel with them- because some were TOO big for the airline carry on rules!


2: Number of Products-
The June 2014 Box had over 15 different items included. If you consider that the box contained full sized items, and was only $20- that’s a little over $1 an item! WHAAA? Mind blown.


3: Creativity of Box
This is where Cocotiqueshows it’s strength! The boxes are SO fun! Instead of just being a bunch of foil samples, there are full sized products from big brands like Miss Jessie’s- AND goodies like FULL SEASON DVD’s of your favorite TV Shows (Single Ladies on VH1!), luxury bottles of perfume, and this month’s (November) box- had a ONE YEAR subscription to Hype Hair magazine…yeah…all of that


4: Packaging
The boxes are both beautiful and DURABLE! I’ve heard horror stories of beauty boxes arriving with product spilled inside, and just looking a mess- not the COCOTIQUE box. It looks like a fancypants birthday gift. Like literally, I’m cheap enough, that it doesn’t even need to look as nice for me to buy it…but it helps…lol


5: Product Brand Quality
This is another place that COCOTIQUE stayed in stride with the pack in 2014- the major large label brands represented. I verified that EVERY product is hand curated by a dedicated team that sources the products, make sure they are what Curlies want, and gets the biggest sample possible! And only the very biggest brands, and newest products are included, like these-


So there you have it, Curlies! the Beauty Box company that I’d gladly rip into each month- COCOTIQUE .

What Beauty Box Brands are your favs and I must try in 2015, Curlies?


(As a member of the Hype Hair Magazine team, I was given this box to review- but as a long time Cheapie Curlie, and always keepin it real- this is the real deal- and they didn’t buy me out for $20- lol!)


Share your thoughts!

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