#FamilyDollarFabulousNYC! Recap & Pics!

Curliesssss! I feel so FANCY! HAHA!

Not too long ago, I mentioned that NapturalNicole.com was selected for an exclusive beauty brand partnership with the awesome Family Dollar (you prob have one nearby- they have like 8,000 stores in the US!)

Needless to say, I am beyond humbled, excited and honored! Just three years ago, I was a chunky lil MONSTAH tryna keep track of curly Zola the Fro’la, on my lil blog thang…now I’m still a regular girl (lol!) but I get to hang with shiny people on red carpets, in NYC!
So you’ve prob heard me dropping tons of Coin Conscious Curlie tips & tricks on the NapNic IG page- and that’s because of all the deets and exclusive goodies I picked up, at this event! The team at Family Dollar gathered brand experts from the TOP curly girl beauty companies (available at your local Family Dollar-and worldwide!) in ONE SPOT- so I could grill ’em for ya! Lol! Not actually (though I did keep it super real when it came to ‘good for curl’ ingredients and cheap alternatives!) but I could ask about those Texture Management systems (we’ve seen E’ERYWHERE!), upcoming products, pricing, and more…




And of course…that also meant playing with products on site- and asking a bajillion questions about everything from packaging to lipstick! Which, btw, you KNOW I’m now so obsessed with budget friendly LA Colors cosmetics (y’all know I’m new to this makeup thang- and they make it super easy- and inexpensive to play! Everything is $1-$3!!!)- I stocked up and tried everything- guided by beauty guru (& my new humble beautiful MUAmama), Cynde Watson



And Cynde wasn’t the only ultra talented industry guru in attendance- this spot was elbow to elbow PACKED with fancypants people! I just stayed by the cupcakes table, and tried not to break anything…YEAH RIGHT! Haha! I was like SELFIESSSS! Lol! Grabbed some snaps with famed (read: Michelle Obama’s!) hairstylist, Johnny Wright, Vanessa Williams of Soul Food and Melrose Place, Cynthia Bailey of RHOA, Africa Miranda with Creme of Nature, and so many more!



Even my blogger boos, were your curly fashion fav NYC, stylin’ & profilin’ chicks- Alissa Wilson of Stylish Curves, DC’s own Naja Diamond, Beautiful Dr. Helen Troncoso, my Curlie Girlie- Janae Raquel of I Am My Hair Blog and SOOOOO many more beautiful brown bloggin babes!


Next to these beauties, I had to step up my style and makeup game…or tried too…lmao!



Hahaha! What an amazing, informative opportunity! If you’re ever in the DC/Baltimore area- you know where you can find me?….hanging in the beauty aisle of My Family Dollar

…grabbing the best in beauty, without breaking the bank. 😉



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