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19 responses to “Contact Nicole

  1. Hi my name on Natisha- I want to try this natural look with crochet braids , however I’have asked around , and no one does this style of braids or doesn’t know what I’m talking about? – do you live in Philadelphia ? If so can you recommend someone to me,



    • Hi Natisha- Thanks for visiting the site! I love crochet braids- mostly because they are a great protective style- but also because they’re inexpensive and easy to do! While I’m not a Philadelphia resident (I live in Baltimore, Maryland!)- I’ve never had a stylist install these for me- I’ve always done them myself. And you can too! They are very simple, and the supplies will cost you less than $12! Here’s everything you need to know about crochet braids:

      Hope that helps, and keep me posted!


  2. Hi Nicole I need some advice. I \’ve been using Shea Moisture shampoo and deep conditioner along with other products but I’ve been noticing that when I use the Shea moisture products, my hair does not feel soft, hard to detangle with my hands and it feels matted. I’ve only experienced this with this product. My hair had been extremely soft during washing weather co wash or shampoo and easy to detangle. I even did the deep condition over night and when I rinsed it…OMG…my hair felt horrible. Should I just assume this product is not for me?


    • Heck yeah! I’d say your hair does not love it! Haha! I had similar experience with some of SheaMoisture’s products. I used to swear by the Deep Treatment Masque- but when I realized that I was adding Olive Oil and Giovanni Smooth as Silk Conditioner to it, just to get some softness- it was time for a new product! There are sooo many options out there now (SheaMoisture is a great place to start- my fro happens to LOVE the Moisturuzing Shampoo!), don’t feel locked into a certain line. Mix and match, make your own, and experiment! You’re already doing the most important thing- listening to your hair! Hope that helps!


  3. Hi Nicole,

    I was wondering what your thoughts are regarding diy protein treatments. I did a egg, tresseme conditioner and caster oil treatment and my hair was not soft when I rinsed it out. I did a conditioner rinse and deep treatment and so far it is soft. My question is, should my hair feel soft while I am rinsing it out or will the softness come after the deep conditioner?


    • I am all for any type of protein treatment- they are a MUST for natural hair! If you type ‘protein’ into the search box on my blog- you’ll find a detailed blog post about my favorite protein treatment and how to use it. And YES YES YES you MUST use a deep conditioning treatment after ANY protein treatment! That’s why you felt the softness afterwards- definitely don’t skip the conditioning! Thanks for stopping by, and keep me posted!


  4. Hi Nicole,
    Loving your site. So much to read and learn. But, I can’t find the information that you said was posted here on the puff. You mentioned it on IG yesterday. help…….lol


  5. Hi Nicole! I was referred to your blog by a friend and LOVE it! I need a little help though 😦 I BC’d in Feb of 2013 because the natural stylist noted that my hair was damaged and not growing in certain areas. I haven’t had a perm in 2 years but I have been wearing weaves (I know don’t judge me). Since I BCed, I’ve only had some loose braids and have been wearing a wig in order to keep my hair protected yet moisturized. Now my hair is growing…except in the SAME places that it wasn’t growing before my BC. Should I see a doctor or take a bigger dose of patience??


    • Welcome to the blog!!! And I’m so glad you love it! But let’s get to the ‘root’ of this issue!

      My initial response is to be patient- since hair only grows about .5-1 inch a month, no matter how much you massage and sing to it! Ha!

      I’ve dealt with my own traction alopecia (baldness due to bad hair care) woes from weaving, relaxing, and braiding my strands literally to death. It’s taken me two years to get Zola the Fro’la back in order- and my edges still aren’t as robust as they once were.

      Pure, Cold Pressed, Castor Oil is a huge help (available on Amazon, $10). Apply daily- here’s the details on how I used castor oil to grow my edges back;

      Once you’ve actively tried to grow then back- and you’re not
      Seeing results- then you’ll know it’s time to call in the pros!

      Best of luck with everything- check back and let me know
      How its going! And thanks for checking out the blog (high five your
      Friend for the referral!)



  6. Hi Nicole I’ve been natural for about 8 months. I’ve been experiencing major breakage in the middle of my scalp. Ive been to several hair stylist and nothing seems to work. It’s extremely itchy . What do you recommend.


    • I’m so sorry! That’s very frustrating and difficult!

      The best recommendation I have is to apply Jamaican Black Castor Oil (available on to the trouble area, twice a day- and to refrain from hair styles that agitate, rub, or create friction on the area- like high ponytails, wigs, or tight weaves.

      If you give the area some special attention and stick with a strong regimen (I’ve got mine posted here!) you should see some results in 2-6 months.

      Good luck!


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  8. Great meeting you at the Natural Hair event in Philly. Thanks for modeling so many ways to wear the Wrapped skirts. Do you have any tutorials on YouTube ?


    • Miss Cynthia! It was great meeting you as well- you’re so beautiful and elegant- just inspiring! I complained to the Hubbin that I didn’t get to give you another hug and say goodbye! You selected stunning skirts and I am so excited for you, and happy to help! Hope to see you again soon! (And yes, a tutorial is coming very soon on my YouTube channel-


  9. Hi Nicole, love your hair getting mine fine in next 2 weeks coming out of my twisted braids as I’m growing a relaxer out slowly but surely!! What’s the best natural looking/feeling synthetic hair you have come across? Also which ones are tangle free which you can wash or go swimming with and the curl doesn’t fall? Also wondering what you use to wash synthetic gaur? Sorry Quite a few questions!! Thanks


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