My Current Regimen

Hair Reggie Schedule! Co Wash: Every 3 days (if hair isn’t in protective style) ‘Shampoo’: Every 2-3 weeks The Process (as of 03/2014) Step One: Dry (with Olive Oil) Finger Detangling 20140302-124230.jpg To begin my wash process, I carefully divide my hair into four sections, and use butterfly clips to hold each section back. Next, I apply Extra Virgin Olive Oil to each section and use my fingers (NO COMBS) to gently remove sure hairs using a clap and drag method. I am sure not to overdetangle. I don’t separate any curl or clump that would be big enough to slip through a wide tooth comb. This keeps my hair from being frizzy, or suffering excess manual breakage. The remaining detangling can be done in the shower under running water with conditioner. I spend as long as necessary to detangle my hair- but never longer than 15 mins. This may change as my hair grows longer. Using Olive Oil provides the added advantage of ‘pre-pooing’ my hair which adds extra moisture to my strands prior to washing. (15 mins) Step Two: Cleansing 20140302-123325.jpg Co Wash Method: I use my cheapie conditioner (Aussie Moist as of 03/2014) to wash each section of my hair, twice. I make a point to use the pads of my fingers to scrub my scalp to remove buildup and loosen shed hairs. When finished washing the section, but before rinsing, using the ‘Clap’ method, I close my hands at root of the section, and drag them down slowly- this carefully removes shed hairs, and helps direct my cuticles downwards to smooth the hair. (20 mins) ‘Shampoo’ Method: I previously used bentonite clay (read more here) – and I still recommend it highly! But recently I’ve been using Jessicurl Lavender Citrus Cleansing Cream and ADORE it. I apply a dime sized portion to my each section of hair, and scrub lightly with pads of my fingers. This bottle shampoo has a ton of slip so I rinse using the ‘Clap’ method described above and remove any remaining shed hairs. (20 mins) Step Three: Deep Conditioning 20140302-124306.jpg I use Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose Deep Conditioner (as of 03/14) with a few drops of Olive Oil applied to each section of my hair. I use my Awesome Budget Natural Hair Steamer and steam each section of hair (15 mins)- if I’m having a lazy day, I’ll apply the condish and use my heat cap for 30-45 mins on the couch. When finished I rinse with lukewarm water. (15-45 mins) Step Four: Moisturizing, Sealing and Style- L.O.C. Method- Liquid, Oil, Cream 20140302-123516.jpg LIQUID: To my freshly rinsed, still damp, sectioned hair, I apply a quarter sized amount of ‘Kinky Curly Knot Today Leave In Conditioner’ to each section. OIL: Immediately on top of this product, I apply a nickel sized amount of Vatika Coconut Oil (Summer/Spring), or Olive Oil (Fall/Winter). CREAM: Once this has been applied, I seal in moisture to the lower half of my hair shaft (most of my hair length but not to my scalp) with a quarter sized dollop of my Famously Amazing DIY Crisco Creme.Once my hair is properly sealed, I am ready to style! (20 mins) Results after a ‘Zola the Fro’la Spa Day: 20140302-123742.jpg 20140302-123751.jpg 20140302-123801.jpg Here’s a list of my current MUST have products: As of August 11, 2014 (Please note: I have not been compensated or employed in any way to use/reference/review/recommend/advertise ANY of the below products. I keep it all the way real- and just love them. However, if any of them want to send me cases for free- I’m also cheap- and will happily sign that FedEx slip. Haha! ;))

  • Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose Conditioner-$9.00USD
  • Ouidad Superfruit Cleanser/Jessicurl Cleansing Cream-$17.00USD
  • Trader Joe’s Extra Virgin Unrefined Coconut Oil-$5.99USD
  • Kinky Curly Knot Today Leave-In Conditioner-$11.99USD
  • Giovanni Smooth as Silk Conditioner-$7.99USD
  • Aztec Secret Bentonite Clay-$11.99USD
  • Pompeiian Robust Extra Virgin Olive Oil-$5.99USD

I purchase these products primarily from 2-3 times a year. All of then last a while, and a ‘little product goes a long way.’ Prices are what I pay on average per bottle. Total Cost for a years worth of natural haircare product: Around $150. (I recognize that we all have our own budgets- if there’s is a product below that you would like to use- but can’t afford- email me, and I will try to recommend a cheaper effective option!) You can purchase all of these items easily- and in one place at my Amazon Store:


18 responses to “My Current Regimen

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      • Ok, so I found a whole section devoted to your crisco creme AFTER leaving this comment (embarrassing) and you answered me SOOOO nicely! You are such a sweetheart! I went and got my crisco and I’m about to start mixng! Thanks for all the time and energy you devote to sharing your knowledge with us!!!


      • No worries at all!! I absolutely love that curlies engage me and ask questions! Especially about my super awesome ultra amazing Crisco Creme! Hahaha! So glad you’re giving it a shot, and so hope you love it as much as I do! Visit me on Instagram (@napturalnicole) to let me know what you think! Can’t wait! 😉


    • Howdy! Great question- I should probably update my post on Crisco Creme to make this super clear cause it’s really important-

      When using Crisco Creme, it should ALWAYS be applied in this order for proper moisture retention- do NOT apply it alone to hair:

      On DAMP (not dripping wet) hair, apply in this order, one right on top of the other- and it doesn’t have to be a ton- a little goes a longggg way!:

      1. Water Based Leave In Conditioner (My Choice: Kinky Curly Knot Today- Target, $11.99)

      2. Natural ‘Light’ Oil- Coconut, Olive, Sweet Almond (My Choice: Pompeiian Extra Robust Virgin Olive Oil, Any Grocery Store, $6.99)

      3. Crisco Creme- Apply to entire strand of hair, focusing on ends, do NOT apply to scalp.

      Then style. I prefer to immediately put my hair into two strand twists to stretch/dry- then if I want to style, I will.

      Hope this helps, thanks for stopping by- and come back soon!


    • You are SO sweet! Thank you!!! I’ve been Natural since Nov 2011! My hair length is just past my armpit- I absolutely loveeee my curls! Thanks for you kindness curlie!


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